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【Hug Series】Preserved Rose Glass Dome 擁抱系列保鮮花LED亮燈玻璃瓶 現貨 | 落單後大約3-5個工作天寄出✨| - Ahola

【Hug Series】Preserved Rose Glass Dome 擁抱系列保鮮花LED亮燈玻璃瓶 現貨 | 落單後大約3-5個工作天寄出✨|


(**此系列現貨出售, 落單收貨款後大約3-5個工作天寄出) 


- Dimensions: Height: 16cm x Diameter: 12cm (尺寸:高16cm x 直徑12cm)

Included in the package:

- 2-3 Preserved Rose set in a long glass dome and a LED lighting wooden base. (擁抱的玫瑰系列:2-3朵玫瑰裝在長玻璃圓頂, LED亮燈木底座和"love"插牌, 黑色禮盒, 透明手提袋 。)

Preserved flowers, like regular plants, are completely natural products that have been processed with a revolutionary technology to maintain their fresh appearance for several months or even years without needing hardly any maintenance, i.e. no light or water. (與普通植物一樣,保鮮花是完全天然的產品,採用革命性技術加工,保持其新鮮外觀數月甚至數年,幾乎不需要任何維護,即無光或水。)

All of our products are made from fresh flowers, so the sizes, colors and condition may differ slightly from the pictures.(我們所有的產品都是用鮮花製成的,因此尺寸,顏色和形態可能與圖片略有不同,請各顧客於惠顧前考慮清楚, 除品質有損壞問題外, 否則一律不能退/換貨!, 敬希理解。)

由於此產品由木質製造, 產品為天然木紋形成,原木製品表面都會有獨有木紋色, 木節, 小瑕疵等, 屬於木頭自然生成的現象會有自然木的紋路, 完美主義者請勿下單

****香港或澳門客戶滿現凡訂製滿$600包順豐運費, $600以下順豐運費到付

Product Care

Do not water.

Do not expose to direct sunlight, strong light and wind.

Keep in room temperature environment.

Avoid extremely humid environment.

Avoid direct contact with fabrics or walls.

Never shake, freeze or press them.

Do not remove them from glass dome, they feel secured and happy there.

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