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【Gardenia】Aromatherapy bottle gift set 香皂花束連刻字木棒擴香香薰瓶禮盒套裝

【Gardenia】Aromatherapy bottle gift set 香皂花束連刻字木棒擴香香薰瓶禮盒套裝

- Made with environmentally friendly and sustainably resourced ingredients.
- Capacity : 120ml 
- Diffuser can last about 60 days 擴香大概可以持續約 60天 (受天氣、濕度影響而可能有所增多減少)
- Available in Gardenia scents. 梔子花香氛                                                                                    
- Item comes in 1x  diffuser, 3 reed diffuser stick, Rose Soap Small Bouquet with 3 Roses , Gift box & Paper bag (此產品包1瓶擴香香薰, 3支竹木棒、香皂花束, 包裝盒+袋)

- 圓珠木棒刻字限8個字母之內, 包括空格, 請按需要的大細楷字母填寫在訂單內

P.S. 此系列已設計了指定之1種字體/大細楷/尺寸/位置

We had designed one specified font for this series

所有貨品先入數後訂製, 入數後大約16-18天完成並安排寄出 (不設圖稿確認)

 It takes around 16-18 days for production (No Layout provided)

(注意: 旺季時段, 生產時間或需要延長) 

📣由於不同產品的製作時間有別, 我地會等齊整個訂單內的貨品完成才一次過寄出, 敬請各惠顧客人如訂購不同貨品而需要指定日期寄出, 落單前先向本店查詢, 感謝各位一直既支持!

*電腦顯示的産品照片舆實物可能出現色差, 顧客如不能接受請勿訂購。

**圖案效果只供參考, 因字母數量不一樣, 做出的效果和大小也會不同

***付款一經確認後便安排生產, 不能作任何更改, 顧客請小心核對清楚訂單上的名字才下單

****因本公司是客製産品, 除品質有損壞問題外, 否則一律不能退/換貨! 請各顧客於惠顧前考慮清楚, 敬希理解

****由於此產品由木質製造, 產品為天然木紋形成,原木製品表面都會有獨有木紋色, 木節, 小瑕疵等, 屬於木頭自然生成的現象會有自然木的紋路, 完美主義者請勿下單


*****香港或澳門客戶滿現凡訂製滿$600包順豐運費, $600以下順豐運費到付

Directions For Use:

Open fragrance oil bottle carefully. Insert reed sticks. The reeds will absorb the fragrance oil, diffusing the scent into the room. Allow 24 hours for full fragrancing effect. To accelerate the process, invert the reeds after 1-2 hours. Re-insert sticks into bottle with "wet" ends on top. Repeat to refresh scent as needed. 


Eye and skin irritant. Prolonged or frequent skin contact may produce and allergic reaction. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Do not ingest. Flammable, keep away from sources of ignition and naked flames. Avoid unnecessary contact. Keep away from heat, spark and open flame. Do not light reeds. Contains fragrance oils. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. Do not place bottle, cap, or reeds on fabric or finished surface as fragrance oil is harmful to such surfaces. Spills should be cleaned immediately to prevent harm.
Do not pour down drain. 

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