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【Be Different】Aromatherapy Crystal Stone Essential Oil Diffuser 香薰水晶石玻璃瓶

【Be Different】Aromatherapy Crystal Stone Essential Oil Diffuser 香薰水晶石玻璃瓶


📣由於2022農曆新年假期關係, 此產品最遲在1月14號落單/付款, 1月28號左右完成寄出, 而1月15號至2月8號落單將會在2月尾至3月初寄出, 敬請留意

Special price for additional purchase 優惠價加購澳洲iSecret 純天然植物精油 👩🏻‍⚕️👨🏼‍⚕️護士協會熱賣品牌|醫療人員選用

iSecret 純天然植物精油詳細資料:

This crystal stone diffuser provides a calming atmosphere with high vibration to rejuvenate peace and relaxation for your body and spirit. 這款水晶石擴散玻璃瓶可提供高振動的平靜氣氛,使您的身心恢復活力和放鬆

- Material : Crystal (天然水晶礦石 無拋光 無加工 大自然的能量)
- Crystal Weight: 500g, could be reused 1000000 years.
- Glass Container Size: 8 (dia) x 9 (H) cm 玻璃木質香芬瓶尺寸 / 高9cm,底直徑8cm 

Note: 天然水晶難免有天然冰裂紋, 雜色及綿絮、天然礦孔及礦坑等等瑕疵,介意者/完美主義者勿訂購. 

P.S. 因為是天然水晶,沒有經過打磨,表面可能會有些鋒利,注意不要劃到手。

How to use:

- Add 10-15 drops of essential oil over the raw crystals. The scent will last for a few days. 在水晶石上添加10-15滴精油。氣味會持續幾天。


- Brighten up your mood and relax your body: Some crystals have the purifying power to cleanse our energy field, with help of essential oils, the aromas of which can detoxify the air pollution and neutralize negative ions emitted from electronic devices, which is known as EMF. Great for meditation, yoga spaces
- Decoration: This gift set offers a decorative as well as a pleasurable way of setting a positive atmosphere, diffusing oils naturally in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, office, or car. Adding a few drops of essential oils on top of the stones is really enjoying itself. Place them at your favorite spots, the center of a coffee desk, kitchen sink, etc. It serves as a gorgeous addition.
- Gift choice:Ideal gift for any special occasions like Birthday, Anniversay, Friendship, Graduation, Thank you, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.

- Limited of 8 letters (限8個英文字母, 包括空格)    

- Available in Vision pattern with Amethyst 願景眼睛圖案+紫水晶 🔮天然紫水晶代表智慧、招財, 權力地位, 能鎮定安神、增進睡眠品質、開發智慧、激發創意、增加信心、穩定情緒

 -相片效果只供參考, 因字母數量不一樣, 做出的效果和大小也會有所不同

P.S. 此系列已設計了指定之1種英文字體/字體顏色黑色, 指定之大概字體尺寸/位置如圖   (不設圖稿確認)

所有貨品先付款後訂製, 付款後大約16-18 天完成並安排寄出

(注意: 旺季時段, 生產時間或需要延長) 

📣由於不同產品的製作時間有別, 我地會等齊整個訂單內的貨品完成才一次過寄出, 敬請各惠顧客人如訂購不同貨品而需要指定日期寄出, 落單前先向本店查詢, 感謝各位一直既支持!

*電腦顯示的産品照片舆實物可能出現色差, 顧客如不能接受請勿訂購。

**付款一經確認後便安排生產, 不能作任何更改, 顧客請時小心核對清楚訂做資料和名字

***因本公司是客製産品, 除品質有損壞問題外, 否則一律不能退/換貨! 請各顧客於惠顧前考慮清楚, 敬希理解

****香港或澳門客戶滿現凡訂製滿$600包順豐運費, $600以下順豐運費到付

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